Please complete the application form correctly.

If you haven't checked the regulation yet, 

please stop filling out the application form.

Download the regulation file from the 2020REGULATION category.

Be sure to read all the rules and regulations before completing the application form.

Please select your division below.

Multiple application is available for the top categories of POLEART and EXOTICPOLE.

If you apply for multiple divisions, you must fill out separate application forms for each division.

In the case of Group division, it is sufficient to fill out an application form for one representative.

Purchase of photo and video
Agree to collection and use of personal information (Please check 1 answer)


※ After submitting your online application, please Complete the remaining 2 steps  below within 48 hours.

1)  Payment must be made within 48 hours by PayPal.

2) Scan Athlete’s Written Oath(2020REGULATION file-12page) and send the scan files to with the E-mail article (division_athlete's name).

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